Collection printemps 2022​

Lust for Life | The Booklet

Recycled Paper

Dissolve old paper in water, remove the previous printing ink with chemicals and then bleach the fibers – this is how recycled paper is produced. And it helps to protect the environment, as recycling saves up to 60% energy and up to 70% water compared to the production of new paper.

For the Booklet, we therefore used the paper type “Digital printing INAPA ENVIRO CLEVER U 160 GSM AND OFFSET 400 GSM”.


ENVIRO CLEVER also has been certified with the EU Ecolabel and the “Blue Angel”.

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The Booklet stands out: Not only with its square format, but also by the fact that it can be opened in more than one direction, showing different perspectives and different angles of the collection.

Printing technique

The OFFSET PRESS HEIDELBERG CD74 5 COLOR + COATER was used for printing the cover. The production process also included HOT FOIL STAMPING making the design of the book even more interesting.

The inner pages were printed on INDIGO PRESS with the specific color calibration in accordance to the OFFSET PRINT.

Afterwards, the cover was folded manually.

We chose perfect binding as our BINDING METHOD: ASTER UNIVERSE was used for the FOLDING AND THREAD BINDING. With the help of MULLER MARTINI VAREO, the HOT GLUE BINDING was applied.

Last but not least, the Booklet was trimmed on WOHLENBERG GELOUTINE PRESS.

Post Press

The Booklet