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Lust for Life

Lust for Life

In the project “Lust for Life – envivre de vivre”, a 360 degree campaign was launched for the Stuttgart fashion label YéYé. This campaign revolved around the spring 2022 collection.

The marketing and production agency responsible for the campaign consisted of x students with x nationalities from the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart. A website, a Booklet and a fashion film were created as part of the project. In addition, an Instagram account was created as well as a behind the scenes profile. A making-off film was also shot.



Peter loves to interact and comunicate with different People. He values the natural beauty and tries to capture the models character in his photos. Peter never stands still! He captures Fashion shots as well es comercial and industrial shots.



After leaving Oxford University Andrew decided to do something completely different and trained and worked as an actor and singer for nearly twenty years. After starring in the musical production of Beauty and the Beast at The SI Centrum in Stuttgart, he moved back to London and developed another career in children’s writing. He has won several literary awards for his books and poetry.

In high demand since 2001, Rahel has made a name for herself as a make-up artist and hairstylist specializing in fashion and beauty.

Her work can be seen in international catalogues, magazines and advertising, as well as in corporate business film and photography.

She also specializes in hair and make-up for TV and video production.

In 2014, she began working as a “photo-artist,” creating comprehensive photographic experiences.


The HdM in Vaihingen-Stuttgart offers nearly 30 Bachelor and Master degrees within the media sector. Due to the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge Students come out with creative projects that are nominated for differend awards. 

The Hdm forms alrounders as well as specialists fort he mediaworld.



Prof. Dr. Jansen has been the Dean of Studies for the Print Media Technologies course at the Media University since 2012. He does research in the fields of Post Press; Material Sciences and Workflow-Solutions. Mr. Jansen is the module manager of the Campaign Management course.

bakery keim

A good Job requires good Food. The great team of Bäckerei Keim supported us during both shooting days with the typically swabian snack – Brezeln!




BIX Jazzclub & Lounge




Herbert'z Espressobar
Akademie der schönen Künste

Making off



Our two managers Sarah and Angelika are full of power and ambition. They are coordinating this 360 Degree campaign and connect between all the teams as well as they are leading the manager meetings each week to make sure the project works well.


The photography group’s task was to organize and manage the content production. Locations had to be booked, schedules had to be drawn up and arrangements had to be made for smooth production. During the shooting days, the film teams, the photographer and models also had to be coordinated.

With such an extensive project, the quality has to be right. The production team took care of this. This team selected the best papers and the best printer technology for a perfect result. Particular emphasis was placed on the aspect of sustainability, as this reflects the character of the label.



All content conveyed on the label’s homepage, as well as the type of its presentation, was the responsibility of the website group. This team designed and programmed the website.

They added the content to the website and made sure that the overall picture was consistent. The domain was bought and all legal issues resolved.


During the creation of the Booklet, creative agreements had to be kept between several teams and the selection of images had to be perfected over a long period of time.

In addition, there was the choice of colors, sizes and coordination with the author regarding the texts and the division within the book.

Nowadays a social media presence should not be missing in a 360 degree campaign. The social media team was responsible for creating and filling the two profiles.

The social media team regularly posts exciting content about the campaign on both existing accounts.

Behind the scenes impressions are shared on one profile and the “Lust for Life – envivre de vivre” campaign is presented on the other profile.



The entire project was accompanied by a total of 2 film teams.

The fashion film team was on the set on both days of shooting and filmed the best moments of these two days of shooting and then used them to produce a captivating fashion film.

The making-off team captured all the moments of the entire project. This team was not only busy filming on the shooting days, but also on all other working days within the project, creating an exciting “behind the scenes” film, which contains interesting insights behind the scenes.


Since the entire project was organized like a real company, a calculation team is of course needed, which has all the documented working hours of the project members in view and derives the costs of the project from this.

Media night

The MediaNight serves to offer all students and interested parties the opportunity to get an insight into all projects of the past year, which were initiated by the students of the HdM.

This team takes care of all aspects of representing the project “Lust for Life – envivre de vivre” at the MediaNight in the best possible way.